About Us

Equalifi (erstwhile AIWMI) is a global membership network of financial services leaders, professionals and aspirants. Equalifi has been set up as a continuing education & professional development platform meant to offer its members, opportunities to earn professional designations; to participate in multidisciplinary knowledge initiatives, enable networking at conferences; and offer one single platform for interaction, cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration.

Equalifi provides the opportunity for finance practitioners and related professionals to connect and advance their focused area of practice. Equalifi aims to benefit the practitioner, their area of specialization, the clients they serve, and the industry at large.

Equalilfi plays a key role in guiding the development of the financial services sector. Equalifi works with key industry participants’ viz. the Government, the Regulators, the Industries/Associations, the Corporate, the Media and the General Public to achieve its objectives. Besides enhancing technical competence and professionalism in the industry, Equalifi organizes various national and international facilitates discussions to promote best practices in leadership and talent development in the financial sector with an aim to become world’s premier-most center of excellence for financial services professionals.